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Maybe because Ladyfingers has been around most of my life, I forget to appreciate it.


It’s with good reason that everyone loves their blackbottom cake (and cupcakes), but have you tried their buttery breakfast pastries? Their rich cheesecakes – also available in mini-sized? Their big, chewy cookies? Today they had creamy chocolate mouse in tiny chocolate teacups! I love them and their cute strawberry sign in the window. Next time don’t just speed by on your way off 580. It’s worth stopping for.


The Pretty Lady

There are no tables at The Pretty Lady, just one big, horseshoe-shaped counter with the kind of wooden chairs that are attached to the floor by rotating pole. There are three pretty ladies of The Pretty Lady, but the one who will take your order, who I believe is named Sung, is funny and dry and will give you a fist bump on your way out.

I had a very good salad and a perfectly acceptable fish sandwich, but my friend and I were coveting our neighbor’s chili fries.

18th and Peralta, West Oakland. Check it out.

Cafe 504

Delicious food, good coffee, nice people, mostly quiet.

Cafe 504.