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Oakland, 1990


Temescal History

Oakland North is running a great set of pieces on the History of Temescal today, including sweet before and after pics of Temescal stores and intersections.

Map source Ed Clausen via Oakland North

Occupy Love


Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer’s twitter bio says it best: Geek of maps, failed transportation plans of the past, history of technology, computers, pedestrianism, and misspelled street signs.

Map of the Bay Area by race and ethnicity, by Eric Fischer

His cartography has been featured in Newsweek and the Washington Post, among other lauded venues, but the heart of his output (as far as I know of it!) seems to be found on his Flickr stream, a conglomeration of his personal photo documentation, innovative map making and data analysis, and scans of city planning documents of the past, present, and perhaps future.

Occupying the Port

The Sacramento Northern

The spot that now houses Homeroom, and once housed my dentist office, an abortion clinic, and other neighborhood medical offices, was once the train yard of the Sacramento Northern line. You can find other remnants of the line throughout Oakland. Here’s a photo of the train above Lake Temescal:

Photo: copyright 1953-2012 by John L. Mathis under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

Oakland Geology

Oakland Geology is a lovely little blog about the rocks under our feet, with thoughtful diversions into history, seismology, land management, and pretty views.