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Oaktown Spice Shop

The smell of the Oaktown Spice Shop is intoxicating. The service is warm, personal, and individualized: kind of like having a personal spice butler. There’s a lovely view of the lake from in there. Keep your eye out for the Lake Merritt Monster while your spice butler is preparing your selection of paprikas from around the globe.


Kwik Way!

I am back and so is Kwik Way! Risen from the grease-fire ashes of the former 99 cent burger drive in is a tastier, healthier, and shockingly still affordable Kwik Way reboot. I hear the beef is grass fed, I can tell you the veggie burger is pretty tasty, the fries are crisp, and the milk shakes are made fresh.

Welcome back!

Homespun Bikes

After a visit to 504 I stopped into the new Homespun Bikes. Repairs, classes, locally made bike gear and urban gardening supplies, and coming soon, bikes!

Cafe 504

Delicious food, good coffee, nice people, mostly quiet.

Cafe 504.