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The Bikery

Walk into The Bikery after school some afternoon and you won’t believe the energy of love, warmth, generosity, and just generally whimsical good times. Plus, bikes, awesome youth programs, earn-a-bike, open shop, women/trans/genderqueer night, Spanish speakers night, classes, repairs, sales, etc. And plus, (a big plus), people of color, queer, trans, women, youth led. It’s a jewel.

Here’s their other website. And another! Or read more here. Or just go down there and get yourself a bike.


Occupying the Port

Oakland Geology

Oakland Geology is a lovely little blog about the rocks under our feet, with thoughtful diversions into history, seismology, land management, and pretty views.

This guy

I like this dude and his goat.

Peralta Hacienda

Peralta Hacienda was once the center of an enormous colonial rancho lorded over by one the first Spanish explorers in California and worked by indigenous and Mexican laborers. The site is now a place to learn about Oakland’s many histories and still includes an 1870 Victorian, the foundations of some earlier adobe buildings, not to mention a cool little playground, native plants tagged with informational placards explaining their utility to Ohlone people, a vegetable garden, and down the hill, a bit of creek and picnic tables.

(photo from park website)

They’re having a fundraiser Dec. 2nd to pay for their many educational and youth programs. Get your tickets today!

Old Oakland Farmers Market

The Old Oakland Farmers Market is the place to go for affordable, fresh veggies, including a wide-variety of Asian greens and other veggies. Fridays, 8-2.

(Photo of Old Oakland Farmers Market Cherries by jimmy dm - flickr creative commons license)

City Slicker Farms

City Slicker Farms provides support and materials for West Oaklanders who want to grow their own food. They also turn vacant lots into productive mini-farms, and distribute the products of these gardens back into the community. And they’re about to get bigger.

(photo from City Slicker website)