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Vulcan Cafe

Why is it called the Vulcan Cafe? Because they’re in the middle of the Vulcan Lofts which I like to pretend is a Star Trek reference but I guess they are on the site of an old foundry.

The cafe makes Thai food and American food, very homey – as in – it feels like my own kitchen with people who know each other wandering through, saying hello and so forth. Good food. Fair prices.


Peralta Hacienda

Peralta Hacienda was once the center of an enormous colonial rancho lorded over by one the first Spanish explorers in California and worked by indigenous and Mexican laborers. The site is now a place to learn about Oakland’s many histories and still includes an 1870 Victorian, the foundations of some earlier adobe buildings, not to mention a cool little playground, native plants tagged with informational placards explaining their utility to Ohlone people, a vegetable garden, and down the hill, a bit of creek and picnic tables.

(photo from park website)

They’re having a fundraiser Dec. 2nd to pay for their many educational and youth programs. Get your tickets today!

Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos

It’s kinda corporatey, with a few too many insurance company booths and the like, but still, Fruitvale’s Dia de los Muertos street festival is pretty sweet. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

King’s Boxing Gym

If you want brand new equipment, a sparkly reception area or free q-tips in the bathrooms, go to some other gym.

If you want a fantastic workout in an attitude-free and supportive environment at an affordable price with no stupid contracts, go to King’s Boxing Gym.

Mr. Charles King surveys his kingdom (photo King's facebook page)

And while you’re there, say hi to Andre Ward who works out right next to all us mere mortals.