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The Bikery

Walk into The Bikery after school some afternoon and you won’t believe the energy of love, warmth, generosity, and just generally whimsical good times. Plus, bikes, awesome youth programs, earn-a-bike, open shop, women/trans/genderqueer night, Spanish speakers night, classes, repairs, sales, etc. And plus, (a big plus), people of color, queer, trans, women, youth led. It’s a jewel.

Here’s their other website. And another! Or read more here. Or just go down there and get yourself a bike.


Intertribal Friendship House

Since 1955, Intertribal Friendship House has been a center for urban American Indian communities in the Bay Area. They hold classes, gatherings, events and ceremonies and hold down the corner of International and 6th with a lovely old brick building, murals and a garden.

Banh Mi Ba Le

These are really, really tasty Banh Mi: Banh Mi Ba Le on International @ 19th.

(Photo Max Martin, flickr)

I’m also a fan of the veggie flavors at Cam Huong on International @ 7th.