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The Bikery

Walk into The Bikery after school some afternoon and you won’t believe the energy of love, warmth, generosity, and just generally whimsical good times. Plus, bikes, awesome youth programs, earn-a-bike, open shop, women/trans/genderqueer night, Spanish speakers night, classes, repairs, sales, etc. And plus, (a big plus), people of color, queer, trans, women, youth led. It’s a jewel.

Here’s their other website. And another! Or read more here. Or just go down there and get yourself a bike.


Trinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lana Stefanac has the easygoing warmth and kindness I’ve come to expect from people who could literally crush me with one hand. Her new space in West Oakland is equally friendly and inviting. Check out their great kids classes taught by the inimitable Keebler.

Trinity is conveniently right across from West Oakland BART, and a block from Revolution Cafe, where you can go after for $1 coffee.

Arroyo Viejo Park

Isn’t Arroyo Viejo Park pretty? Smack in the middle of East Oakland, a big chunk of green space, an amphitheater, basketball courts, and a rec center. It’s one of those rare spots where one of Oakland’s many creeks has been daylighted, and recently replanted with native plants. (You can catch more of the creek up at the zoo or where it comes out down at Damon Slough.

Lincoln Square Rec Center

The Lincoln Square Recreation Center is the place to go for basketball, ping pong, after school and summer classes for kids, and one of the awesomest playground structures in the East Bay.

(photo pengrin™ via flickr creative commons license)

Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery is quiet and peaceful at the top of Piedmont Avenue. They have twice monthly tours of the graves of some of the more famous Oaklanders buried there.

(photo from

Julia Morgan designed Chapel of the Chimes next door is also not to be missed.

Oakland Black Cowboy Association

I still remember when they visited my elementary school. Nothing improves a cement OUSD playground like horses.

(photo Britany M from

The Oakland Black Cowboy Association. We just missed this year’s parade.

Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline

This is a recently-restored tidal wetland that embodies an exciting combination of post-industrial and semi-suburban vibe. A good place for a flat bike ride with a kid and apparently, a great place for bird watching. They’ve also got a nice little playground, some pretty good outdoor sculpture and a cool observation deck thingy. Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline.

Lots more cool photos and info here.