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The Food Mill

The Food Mill is a true community institution with tons of bulk goods and a wide-variety of veggie “meat”. If you’ve lived here all your life, you know (and love) their cookies in the distinctive long rectangle shape. Going strong and family owned since 1933, you couldn’t get more Oakland.


Loard’s Ice Cream

If you want some “regular” ice cream, that is also pretty damn good and at an easier-to-swallow price, try Loards. There are two East Oakland locations, one in the Dimond and one at Seminary and MacArthur. Try the peppermint!

Komodo Toys

Komodo Toys is a good place to buy Halloween costumes, jelly beans, Chanukah presents and those wacky Yu-gi-oh thingies. They consistently employ local youth too.

Paws and Claws

Everybody’s favorite queer women of color owned pet supply store: It’s Paws and Claws.

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Along with ecological, organic and otherwise wholesome pet foods, they’ve got grooming and some kind of DIY wash station for dogs.