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Feelmore 510

Why are sex stores so unsexy? Feelmore510 proves it need not be thus. On Telegraph at 17th. Do yourself and your sweeties a favor and check it out.

Also on twitter.


The Bikery

Walk into The Bikery after school some afternoon and you won’t believe the energy of love, warmth, generosity, and just generally whimsical good times. Plus, bikes, awesome youth programs, earn-a-bike, open shop, women/trans/genderqueer night, Spanish speakers night, classes, repairs, sales, etc. And plus, (a big plus), people of color, queer, trans, women, youth led. It’s a jewel.

Here’s their other website. And another! Or read more here. Or just go down there and get yourself a bike.

Intertribal Friendship House

Since 1955, Intertribal Friendship House has been a center for urban American Indian communities in the Bay Area. They hold classes, gatherings, events and ceremonies and hold down the corner of International and 6th with a lovely old brick building, murals and a garden.

Trinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lana Stefanac has the easygoing warmth and kindness I’ve come to expect from people who could literally crush me with one hand. Her new space in West Oakland is equally friendly and inviting. Check out their great kids classes taught by the inimitable Keebler.

Trinity is conveniently right across from West Oakland BART, and a block from Revolution Cafe, where you can go after for $1 coffee.

City Slicker Farms

City Slicker Farms provides support and materials for West Oaklanders who want to grow their own food. They also turn vacant lots into productive mini-farms, and distribute the products of these gardens back into the community. And they’re about to get bigger.

(photo from City Slicker website)

East Bay Meditation Center

The East Bay Meditation Center is the only queer centered, people of color centered, social justice focused place I’ve found to learn and practice meditation.

From 5:30 to 8:30 tonight they’ll be holding a vigil of compassion, a place to come after the Johannes Mehserle sentencing is announced and after the official rally ends.

Lincoln Square Rec Center

The Lincoln Square Recreation Center is the place to go for basketball, ping pong, after school and summer classes for kids, and one of the awesomest playground structures in the East Bay.

(photo pengrin™ via flickr creative commons license)